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Slimming brands

Some of the UK's leading diet and slimming brands feature in our pages, why not read about them.

Calorie counting

Watching the calories you eat, means you can ensure you manage your weight which means you can lose weight!


Healthy eating

The cornerstone of diets and slimming the old saying "you are what you eat" is not far wrong!

Diet programs

Read up on some of the key diet programs our users try or that you hear about in the press.

Weight loss tips

Why not find some great weight loss tips with this no nonsense content that help your lose the pounds.

Glucose intolerance

A digestive problem, it is to do with the way you break down sugars in Carbohydrates.

Atkins diet

Possibly the world's most famous no carbs diet - find out more with our help and advice.


Calorie counters


Most popular

Cholesterol levels

Did you know that to truly control your cholesterol actually needs diet and exercise!

Speed up metabolism

Increase metabolism and you will burn more calories - so lose weight!

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Slimming advice
Advice and tips for slimming

Articles & tips

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» Get fit & slim down
» Natural weight loss
» Body conditioning
» Fast weight loss
» 3 Great Cross Trainers

Diabetes diets
Diabetes can occur due to weight


Key exercise pages

Lactic acid
Using free weights
Health clubs
Basal Metabolic rate


Home gyms?

Home Gyms
Can you really get a better workout than in a gym?

Exercise bikes
Find out why this gear
is the UK's most popular!

Weight loss
Key pages and topics about weight loss to help you work through the mire!

» Weight loss tips

Fitness DVDs
Why not check out the latest fitness dvds to kick start your workouts at home

» Exercise DVDs

Eating & nutrition
Most popular pages :

» Nutritional supplements
» Organic foods
» Grapefruit diets


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