Eating too much bread is often wrongly perceived as a major cause of weight gain. Actually, its an important part of a healthy diet. What really adds on the pounds is what we put on bread. Its all that butter, jam, chocolate spreads and cream cheese that are the real culprits.

Bread itself can be a good way to make yourself feel full without filling up on fat. Of course, it depends a great deal what kind of bread were talking.

For example, a 100 gram French baguette contains 360 calories while 100 grams of plain bagel contains far less with 254 calories. A 100g of white bread roll contains 280 calories compared to a 100g roll of brown bread with only 218 calories. Sliced white bread has 226 cal where a 100g of sliced wholemeal bread is a bit less at 220 cal.

Its also worth bearing in mind that wholemeal tends to contain more fibre than white. This means that it helps your digestive system to work more efficiently. Some people suffer from wheat intolerance and large amounts of white can leave them feeling bloated, tired and unwell.

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